Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thanksgiving to the Wolf

She has cooled my skin on a Summer's day, She has wrapped my body and bones in her healing waters, She has filled my eyes with many wonders, My heart with peace, My soul with love and respect for all waters. Wild and raging at flood time, she is not a "tame" river, Her force and power teach reverence and humility, awe and respect. She is the River of Life to the Nations on her shores She feeds the wild rice beds and sustains the Wild Rice People. Her waters are so clear and clean that Rock and weed, trout and crayfish, and all manner of river mysteries can be seen in her depths. The fishes breathe her sweet essence. The waterbirds and eagles are attracted to her shores. I have been in her stream when she was languid and gently dreaming; I have been in her strong current and the swollen torrent of her at flood stage. Each time I have come to her banks, Each time I have been touched by her waters, She has lifted my life-spirit higher. Just thinking of her or saying her name gives me pleasure. Wolf, Wolf, Wolf..... Great River Force, Healer, Teacher, Heart-Center of Nations, Mother of Many Waters, You continue to be as the Creator intended you to be. I give thanks that yet you continue and pray that generations in the future will likewise offer their thanksgiving.

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