Sunday, August 5, 2012

Season Of Cheer

Season Of Cheer Christmas is called the season of cheer, but for many it still remains anything but that. This is the time of year many celebrate Godís goodness and love to all, but to others.... It reminds them of a time when all that they loved and held dear was torn from them. You.... a people from other lands came to this land searching for freedom and peace. With no means of survival, we became teacher to you. We saw your people.... women, children, and the aged starving, and cold. Food and blankets, we shared with you. What knowledge we had, we shared with you. You learned how to plant, sow, and hunt. We taught you how to survive. You shared with us too, but.... your gifts, we could have better survived without. The gifts you bore were greed, selfishness, and contempt for your fellow man. But those are not the worst of gifts born by you.... the intruders. The one whom you called ìGodî, you brought to us. He was called a God of justice, mercy, love, and peace. With your mouths, you taught He loved everyone, but.... your actions did not reflect the words you spoke. Harshness was returned for kindness... hatred for love... war for peace... and death for life. I know God. We call Him the Great Spirit. He is all the things that you taught that He is. But there is one variation between what I know and what you say you know. I know that I must live what I teach to others before they will believe and embrace it. ìPeace on earth good will toward menî. This is what God offered to all mankind. He sent his only Son for the redemption of all. But have those of you, who call yourselves His children, conducted your lives in a manner of this precious Gift of redemption and peace? I hardly think it so. So very few lived.... or live now as we should. Not just this season.... but all seasons should be treated as He meant for them to be. Now is always the time for caring, helping, loving, and healing. All must do this for there to be true ìPeace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men!

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