Sunday, August 5, 2012


Great Spirit of us all you have made my body strong,
Please fill me with your wisdom so I'll know right from wrong.
Let me see myself as others also see me,
So I'll know if my character agrees, with how you say it should be.
Let me be slow to anger yet so quickly to forgive,
Grant me patience oh Great Spirit so happier my life I can live.
Teach me fairness so honor I can bring to you,
So with fairness you will judge my life when my days are finally through.
When war must be waged give us the strength and courage of the bear,
The cunning and endurance of the Wolf we can push our enemies back to their lair.

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1 comment:

  1. My Great Spirit, I ask for the Wisdom of my Elder. My Character is in need of strainth in being one with the spirits to help others in there indevers. That they may teach me in my sleep. My spiritual leader has passed into your hands and his teachings were never complete with me.